New York - based painter Sean Clancy finds beauty in dark places. Perhaps best known for his In The Dark
series from 2007, Clancy draws inspiration from old master's works to create classic-realist paintings in a uniquely romantic way.

In January 2006, Clancy was introduced to Charleston when he began showing at Robert Lange Studios. Since then, he has been continually exploring the element of chiaroscuro in his paintings. Clancy's timeless portraits and figures are painted in a soft, almost quiet manner, using layers of glazing in the shadowy areas and thick strokes of paint in the highlights, or brighter sections of the painting. This is in stark contrast to the scale of his paintings, mostly life size figurative work. Clancy adds detail and references that provoke open narratives, drawing inspiration from literary works within poetry, mythology and epic tales.

When interviewed for his In The Dark series, Clancy said, "I've had an ongoing love affair with the color of dark and light; that part of the palette and of your mind where your eyes can play tricks. I love taking darker themes and images that at first glance appear sinister and then translating them into romantic and beautiful moments."

Clancy studied Fine Art at the University of Michigan, where he recieved his BFA in 1996. As a contemporary painter with classical motives, his work seeks to capture calm beauty and romantic melancholy reminiscent of the Renaissance and Baroque painters. A timeless feeling permeates throughout the works.

BFA University of Michigan 1996

2010 Solo show at the An Beal Bocht, New York City
2010 Solo show at Druids, New York City
2010 'Black vs White' group show Robert Lange Studios, Charleston SC
2008 'Fresh' group show at Robert Lange Studios, Charleston SC
2007 Solo show, 'In The Dark' at Robert Lange Studios, Charleston SC

ph: 917.684.4816
Portraits on commission.